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Sentinel Security Life

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The Sentinel story started 70 years ago in 1948. A group of passionate Utah funeral directors saw many families in need of an insurance product designed to help pay funeral costs. To help meet this need, they came together and created Sentinel Mutual Insurance Company. At last, families were able to purchase a budget-friendly life insurance policy designed to help pay for the final expenses of a loved one.

As the years went by, a few name changes took place (going from Sentinel Mutual Insurance Company to Sentinel Insurance Company in 1954 to Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company in 1957).

In more recent years Sentinel decided to expand its product offerings beyond final expense. In 2009, the company rolled out a Medicare Supplement product to help pay for the gaps not covered by Medicare. This was followed by the development of multiple innovative annuity products (Personal Choice Annuity in 2011, Summit Bonus Index in 2013, Personal Choice Plus in 2017, and Guaranteed Income Annuity in 2018).

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For over 70 years, Sentinel Security Life Insurance has provided peace of mind to families across the country. Their final expense product line is no exception.

New Vantage Life Insurance policies are available in three different tiers based on your health, allowing some individuals coverage that other insurance plans might have turned away.

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Annuity Products

After Sentinel released its Medicare Supplement product, they followed with the development of multiple innovative annuity products. The most popular product we sell from Sentinel is the Personal Choice Annuity, a MYGA with a 5-year term option. However, Sentinel offers 5 annuities, and all are worth looking at!

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The Sentinel Hospital Advantage product is an excellent pairing for your Medicare Advantage clients.

  • Pays costs in addition to Medicare, Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage
  • Benefits paid directly to Insured (not a provider)
  • Select Standard, Plus or Enhanced plan

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