Why New Horizons?

New Horizons is a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) with over 40 years of experience located in the heart of central Illinois. We serve agents all over the country who work in the senior market and represent products such as Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Life Insurance, Annuities, and more.

Choosing an FMO is not an easy decision, and your FMO should be providing you with tons of value. Here’s why New Horizons should be a top contender in your search.

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What Makes New Horizons Different

John Hockaday and Jeff Sams, Co-Founders of New Horizons Insurance Marketing and Managing Partners at Integrity Marketing Group

New Horizons has always been founded on relationships. From top producers to rising stars, we make a point to develop relationships with the agents who choose to work with us.

As an Integrity Marketing Group partner, we’re proud to share our core values, which include integrity, family, service, respect, and partnership. We adhere to the highest ethical principles while valuing our agents, giving world-class service, respecting everyone we work with, and creating lasting relationships with the agents we serve.

Myself (John Hockaday, COO & Principal) and Jeff Sams, CEO & Principal, understand what you’re going through as an agent or agency, because we’ve been there! We’ve had to pave our way and make a living on commission sales.

We both started as individual producers in the 80s, going door to door and cold calling. Over the years, we started an agency, and now we have this marketing organization. We've also made a point to bring on support staff that have their own book of business in the Medicare space. This ensures our entire organization understands your needs at the deepest level.

John Hockaday and Jeff Sams

Regardless of what level you’re at, I can assure you we’ve been there and understand your struggles. We feel this makes us different and allows our team to work together to deliver what independent agents truly need to succeed.

Tools and Technology

Here at New Horizons, we’re proud to give our contracted agents valuable tools and technology at no cost.

When you become appointed with at least one carrier under us, you immediately get no-cost access to MedicareCENTER, LeadCENTER, and all of our quoting tools.

MedicareCENTER is the most powerful Medicare enrollment software in the industry. Enroll Medicare Advantage and Part D clients from a single sign-on, send scope of appointments via text, and use the included CRM – all at no cost to you.  

Plus, our user-friendly quote engine allows you to run Medicare Supplement, final expense, hospital indemnity, and dental quotes. Access will never expire as long as you’re appointed with us.

Finally, LeadCENTER (which integrates with MedicareCENTER) allows you to purchase high-quality leads at an affordable price.

Production Reporting and Motivation

Each month, we put together a production report featuring our Top 50 agents, which we send out to the top 100 producing agents. Products included in our point system include Medicare Supplement, Ancillary, Fixed Annuity, Life, Single Premium Life, and Fixed Index Annuity.

It pays to do more business with us – our top agents not only get featured on our report and know where they stand, but they also qualify for exclusive extras, including:

  • Invite-only annual agent summit
  • Invite-only trainings
  • Extra incentives and bonuses
  • Individualized compliance assistance

Stay motivated and work your way to the Top 50 list when you’re appointed through us!  

Training Programs

We know how important training is for independent agents – you’re on your own, and nowadays, it’s common to look to your FMO for that support.

That’s why our team has developed some incredible training programs, including several free training hubs that include on-demand training videos and downloads.

Medicare Advantage Sales Training

You can learn how to sell Medicare Advantage, Annuities, Life Insurance, and Short-Term Care in around an hour. We also have a variety of e-books and tip sheets to help you get sales-ready.

Learn more

Marketing Materials

We want our agents out in the field making sales – not tinkering with postcard design and email writing. Our in-house marketing team works around the clock to develop new and exciting marketing materials, all free to our contracted agents.

Browse our extensive library of materials spanning a wide range of senior market products. Plus, you'll have the ability to customize these with your logo, headshot, and contact information.

Our appointed agents love having quick access to no-cost advertising materials developed by marketing experts and reviewed by compliance.

Tip Sheets

Our agents love our handy tip sheets, which make it easy to see product highlights and quickly help your clients.

Check out the current array of tip sheets we offer in a variety of product categories:

And what's more? We actually keep these updated! When you download a tip sheet for the first time, you automatically join our updates list. We'll email you each and every time that tip sheets gets an update to ensure you have the most current information and can best serve your customers.

We also stamp our time-sensitive tip sheets with a date to provide transparency, so you know exactly when that tip sheet was last updated.

Customer Service

We hear it all the time: “We have the best customer service!” But what does that actually mean?

None of us know what we’re going to run into when we're in the field selling. Maybe you have a person who had cancer 5 years ago and now has mild diabetes. Where we really shine is helping you place business effectively.

We’ll find the company that best fits your client’s needs so that you’re not wasting a lot of your time when you’re trying to make a living.

We also have invested in state-of-the-art technology, which allows our entire staff to review call summaries and email conversations you've had with other staff members. When you call in, we can quickly and efficiently know exactly what you need without you having to rehash your issues or concerns.

Customer service goes further than paperwork, and that’s where we really differentiate ourselves.

Top Contracts and Commissions

We know that if we don’t have great contracts, you won’t sign with us! Thanks to our partnership with Integrity Marketing Group, we are at the highest level when it comes to commissions.

Rest assured that no matter what product or carrier you’re interested in, our organization can offer the absolute best commission available.

For specific commission information, simply give us a call and we’ll verify your compensation level.

Ongoing Education and Value

Every Wednesday, our agents look forward to our weekly email newsletter. We take pride in it and spend a good amount of time each week crafting it so that you get the most value out of it as possible.

Our marketing team works with our agents on staff to bring you educational and informative content that will inspire you and help you grow your book of business.

In our newsletter, you’ll find sales tips, marketing advice, product guides, carrier highlights, and so much more. Each week, our team develops a new, in-depth article breaking down a topic that’s important to our agents.

You can explore our library of content on our Blog where you can also filter by category.

Our newsletter also includes upcoming webinars, industry announcements, incentive updates, and quick links to product consultations and rate changes.

We will never stop providing value to our agents!

Join Us

We want to be the FMO you never want to leave. Get to know us by trying out a contract or two. We can’t wait to help you grow.

Get in touch with us to start a conversation about what we can do for you:

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  • Call us at 888-780-7676
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