Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company

Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company

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Standard Life has a rich history of innovation and growth that can be traced back through its lineage to the 1930s.

Since its inception, more than 70 years ago, the Company's ethic has never changed. "People's needs change from day to day. The shrinking value of the dollar makes insurance protection more important to the individual...We must develop think-ahead programs today which will provide benefits in keeping with the economic changes of tomorrow. While we've grown so fast, it has not been at the expense of the human factor, so vital to this business. Efficiency is emphasized. However, we try never to lose sight of the personal aspects of our relations with policyowners and business clients, as well as our own agents and employees." Leonard H. Savage, President 1948-1973, Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company.

Financial strength, stability and the ability to pay claims on a timely basis are critical to every policyholder. Standard Life and Accident supports its commitment to its policyholders with exceptional financial strength. They have an A (Excellent) rating with A.M. Best.

Medicare Supplement Products

In 1968, Standard Life started offering Medicare Supplements. In the 1990s, Standard Life refocused their production to become a leader in the senior product market.

They offer Medicare Supplements in most states and have three methods for obtaining signatures:

  • RemoteSign/Rapid Sign
  • Print, Sign, and Submit
  • Voice Signature

The Standard Life Household Discount is not available in ID, IH, OH, OK, or WA.

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Cancer Insurance Products

Standard Life and Accident offers 3 plan options that offer a different schedule of benefits. Plan 1 offers the lowest benefit amounts, whereas Plan 3 offers the highest. You can view the benefit details in the Brochure, which is available in the form download section below.

Cancer Plan Details:

  • Waiting period: 30 days
  • Plan type: Schedule of benefits
  • Issue ages: 18-75
  • Guaranteed renewable
  • Covers internal cancers, malignant melanoma, and other skin cancers
  • Eligibility requirement: No cancer in the past 5 years

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Long-Term Care Insurance Products

Short-Term Care Insurance Products

Standard Life offers the Standard Life Recovery Care II plan.

  • Coverage for Nursing Facility Care
  • Coverage for Assisted Living Care Facility
  • Bed Reservation Benefits
  • Choice of Lifetime Maximum Benefits
  • Choice of Lifetime Elimination Periods
  • Restoration of Benefits

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