Why Standard Life RecoveryCare II?

  • Coverage for Nursing Facility Care

You can now have peace of mind knowing your selected Daily Benefit will help pay for expenses incurred, up to the Lifetime Maximum Benefit elected (180, 270 or 360 days), if you are in need of Skilled, Intermediate or Custodial Care in a Nursing Facility.

  • Coverage for Assisted Living Facility Care

If you need assistance that does not require 24 hour care, but you are still in need of services provided in an institutional setting, 75% of the Daily Benefit you selected can help pay for expenses in an Assisted Living Facility for the Lifetime Maximum Benefit selected (180, 270 or 360 days).

  • Bed Reservation Benefit

If you are hospitalized while receiving benefits in a Nursing Facility or Assisted Living Facility, the Company will continue to pay a benefit for a charge made to reserve your accommodations in the facility for up to 21 days per calendar year.

  • Choice of Lifetime Maximum Benefits

A Lifetime Maximum Benefit is available for 180, 270 or 360 days. After the Elimination Period, you will receive benefits for each day of care up to your Lifetime Maximum Benefit as shown in the Schedule of Benefits. Once your Lifetime Maximum Benefit is fully exhausted your coverage will be terminated.

  • Choice of Lifetime Elimination Periods

You have the option to select either a 0 or 20 day Elimination Period. The Elimination Period is the number of days you must receive services which
would qualify for reimbursement under your policy before benefits begin. During the Elimination Period you are responsible for all expenses incurred. Once your Elimination Period has been satisfied, benefits will be paid in accordance with the policy provisions and you never have to satisfy it again during the time your policy is in force.

  • Restoration of Benefits

Should your stay require less than your Lifetime Maximum Benefit and you qualify for a Restoration of Benefits as defined in the policy, full benefits will be restored up to the maximum benefit shown in your policy.

  • Waiver of Premium
  • 10% Spousal Discount
  • Optional Inflation Protection

Either Simple or Compound inflation can be added at an additional cost.

  • Optional Home Health Care Rider

At an additional cost, this optional rider will pay 75% of the Daily Benefit of the base policy for medically necessary Home Health Care services for a maximum of 90 days with no Elimination Period.

Standard Life RecoveryCare II State Availability

This product is available in most states.

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