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The Mutual of Omaha family of companies includes United of Omaha, Companion of New York, Omaha Insurance Company, and United World. They offer a full range of insurance and financial services products which allows you to provide the right solution for your clients.

Product Lines:


Medicare Supplement Insurance


  • Serving the Medicare supplement market since 1966 – the same year Medicare began
  • Rated A+ Superior by A.M. Best Company
  • Increased renewal commissions when percentage of underwritten business meets a target level
  • Great customer service
  • 12% household discount in most states with majority people qualifying
  • Lowest Plan G rates in most ZIP codes
  • No Policy Fee
  • 12-month rate guarantee
  • Mobile quote app
  • Eye Med vision and Amplifon hearing health discounts
  • Easy e-App for exceptional time service
  • Direct contact with underwriters
  • Marketing Credits good as cash



Term Life Insurance

  • Term Life Answers 10, 15, 20, & 30 year terms
  • Issue Ages: Nontobacco: 18-80 and Tobacco: 18-75, depending on term
  • Face Amounts: $100-249K, $250-499K, $500-999K, $1M and up
  • Underwriting Classes: Preferred Plus NT, Standard Plus NT, Substandard NT, Preferred NT, Standard NT, Substandard T, Preferred T, Standard T
  • Riders:
    • Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal Illness Rider
    • Accidental Death Benefit Rider
    • Waiver of Premium for Unemployment Rider
    • Dependent Children's Rider
    • Other Insured Rider
    • Disability Waiver of Premium Rider
  • Conversions: Term Life 10, Term Life 15, 20, Term Life 30



Children's Whole Life Insurance

Children’s Whole Life is permanent life insurance that parents buy for their child. The child’s future insurability is guaranteed, regardless of health conditions that may occur later

  • Issue Ages: 14 Days to 17 Years
  • Face Amounts: $5000-30000
  • Policy fee: $12 Annual Policy Fee (Commissionable)
  • Death Benefit Guarantee: Policy is guaranteed to age 100 as long as premium is paid
  • Other Product Features:
    • Additional coverage may be purchased in the future without evidence of insurability
    • Limited health questions and no medical exam
    • Rates never increase and benefits never decrease
    • iGo e-App



Long Term Care Insurance

  • The least expensive way to fund long-term care services, providing strong value for the consumer
  • Benefits are more comprehensive and generous than those provided by combined products
  • Flexible policies provide coverage during the progression of care
  • Provides known coverage amounts on day one
  • Prevents having to liquidate assets to pay for care Includes additional benefits such as care coordination
  • Benefits can grow over time with inflation protection options
  • Premiums are tax deductible
  • Policies may be partnership qualified



Cancer & Heart Attack/Stroke Insurance


Two policy options to address what concerns your clients most:

  • Cancer
  • Heart attack & stroke
  • The policy pays a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis.
  • There are no surprises at claim time because the insured knows the benefit amount available.
  • With express underwriting using our Medicare supplement platform, policies are issued in a matter of days. And that means you get paid quickly.
  • Products are easy for you to explain and easy for your clients to understand. Plus with just four to eight “yes or no” knock-out questions, you know on the spot if the policy will be issued.