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Mutual of Omaha, a leader in the Medicare Supplement space, also offers a Critical Advantage portfolio, which has three policy options:

  1. Critical Illness Insurance
  2. Cancer Insurance
  3. Heart Attack & Stroke Insurance

Critical Advantage Portfolio Overview

State Availability

To view the Critical Advantage Portfolio by state, check out this chart. There are specific plan differences depending on which state you are selling in.

Critical Advantage Cancer Premium Sample

Run a quote here: Critical Advantage Quoting

Ex: A 65-year old would pay $88.26 per month for a $20,000 benefit that covers Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke with Mutual of Omaha. This quote is for an individual in Illinois.

Packaging Cancer and Med Supp

New to Cancer Insurance?

Read The Ultimate Guide to Selling Cancer Insurance to Seniors, and you'll not only get full explanations for all the stats on this handout, but you'll learn how to bring up the conversation, what company you should sell, and everything in between.

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