Medicare Supplement Tip Sheets: Newly Updated (2024)

Medicare Supplement Tip Sheets: Newly Updated (2024)
April 30, 2024

Featuring our top carriers, including ACE, ABL, WoodmenLife, and more, these Medicare Supplement tip sheets give independent insurance agents in the senior market an incredible advantage.

While Underwriting Guides and Outlines of Coverage are undoubtedly important, it can be a hassle to sift through them for answers to basic questions, such as:

  • How many units of insulin will a carrier accept?
  • What’s the household discount?
  • Which carriers don’t have a height and weight chart?
  • Which carriers don’t require an email for an e-Application?

Well, now you can answer those questions and more with the Medicare Supplement Tip Sheets developed by New Horizons Insurance Marketing. Plus, they're newly updated to include the most competitive Med Supp carriers on the market in 2024.

We've also added a convenient product availability by state chart at the end of the packet, making it easier than ever to ensure your portfolio is as competitive as possible.

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