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Are you seeing Lasso Healthcare for the first time? Whether you've just seen it come up on Medicare's Plan Finder or you heard about this unique MSA through the grapevine, you've come to the right place.

Lasso Healthcare's Medical Savings Account (MSA) is the largest MSA on the market. In addition, Lasso Healthcare offers a Hospital Indemnity plan that's a perfect pairing with the MSA product!

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The Lasso Healthcare MSA plan is a $0 premium, high-deductible healthcare product underwritten by Lasso Healthcare.

We like to explain the MSA by highlighting its 4 key "pillars" that will never change:

  1. There are no networks**.
  2. It's $0 premium.
  3. There's no prescription drug plan included.
  4. You get an annual deposit – $2,000 or $3,000 for 2021.
*Your client would also be responsible for paying their monthly Part B premium and 100% of any non-Medicare covered Qualified Medical Expenses (QMEs), via either their MSA bank account funds or out-of-pocket, before and after they reach the plan deductible. The deposit and deductible amounts shown above are full calendar-year amounts, based on a January 1 effective date. If your client enrolls for a partial calendar year, the deposit and deductible amounts will be prorated based on the month their coverage becomes effective with Lasso Healthcare MSA.

For 2021, there are 34 states plus the District of Columbia that have access to the Lasso Healthcare MSA.

**MSA plans do not have a network of providers, so members choose their health care services and providers. Thousands of providers already accept the MSA, including some of the largest and most renowned systems. Providers can decide at every visit whether to accept the Plan and agree to treat members; however, members cannot be denied emergency care due to their insurance plan.

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Lasso Plus HIP is here! Lasso Plus HIP is Lasso Healthcare's Hospital Indemnity Plan designed to compliment the MSA perfectly. How? It helps offset the delta between the deposit and the deductible.

Lasso Plus HIP has the following features:

  • It's a cash benefit paid directly to the member
  • The member decides how to use the benefit payment
  • There's no deductible to meet
  • There's no network of providers

There are currently three HIPs:

  1. Lasso Plus 4 (inpatient benefit is $4,000)
  2. Lasso Plus 5 (inpatient benefit is $5,000)
  3. Lasso Plus 6 (inpatient benefit is $6,000)

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