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The Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company (Americo) family of companies includes United Fidelity Life, College Life, Great Southern Life, National Farmers Union, Ohio State Life, Investors Life Insurance Company of North America, and Financial Assurance Life.

The Americo family of companies dates back over 100 years and is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company.

While it can be difficult to distinguish a competitive edge in the Medicare Supplement market, Americo and Great Southern Life have done just that by appealing to the writing agent.

Americo is also privately owned with no debt.

Medicare Supplement Products

Following a review of their product portfolio, Americo has decided to discontinue the sale of Americo Financial Life (AFL) and Great Southern Life (GSL) Medicare Supplement products in all states, effective January 13, 2023.

Medicare Advantage Products

Life Insurance Products

Americo offers a Whole Life insurance product for the senior market. Survivor Income Protector is a whole life product with a Joint Life Rider designed to provide a benefit paid in monthly income payments to the surviving insured.

  • Issue ages: 50-80
  • Death Benefits: $200-$2,000

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Final Expense Products

Americo offers two final expense products – one with a full death benefit, and one with a 3-year graded death benefit (GI). Americo's eApplication allows you to submit in good order business and receive an underwriting decision at the point of sale.

Plus, don't forget about the Quit Smoking Advantage on Eagle Premier: smokers can qualify for non-smoker rates!

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