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The Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company (Americo) family of companies includes United Fidelity Life, College Life, Great Southern Life, National Farmers Union, Ohio State Life, Investors Life Insurance Company of North America, and Financial Assurance Life. They offer a full range of insurance and financial services products which allows you to provide the right solution for your clients.

Product Lines:


Medicare Supplement Insurance

The Americo family of companies dates back over 100 years and is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company.

While it can be difficult to distinguish a competitive edge in the Medicare Supplement market, Americo/Great Southern Life has done just that by appealing to the writing agent.

As a company, Americo/Great Southern Life is privately owned with no debt. Your clients can feel good about putting their trust in Americo/GSL. Unlike many other Medicare Supplement, they aged in nicely, meaning that they didn't come in at the lowest rate. Because of this, clients who chose to do business with Americo/GSL didn't experience massive rate increases.

Americo/GSL offers a 100% instant decision e-application. You don't have to enter drugs, because their system runs an automatic drug check for you. This expedites the process! It truly takes about 10 minutes to fill out and complete the e-application, and after those 10 minutes, your client knows immediately whether they're approved or declined.

Paper applications are also instant decision – the staff just has to input the information, so the answer will take a little bit longer.

All health questions on the application are knockouts, helping you prequalify your clients. There are no phone interviews, and once your client is approved, they get immediate coverage.

Americo/GSL also offers a 10% Household Discount (HHD). In states where that was not approved, they reduced the base premium to make up for it.

On top of all these amazing benefits to the agent, Americo/GSL has an unmatched UFirst Rewards bonus program, allowing you to earn up to 10% more on your Med Supp business.

Still not sure if you want to get appointed with Americo/Great Southern Life? Don't take our word for it – hear what agents out in the field are saying.


Disclaimers: Household Premium Discount is subject to state variation. Americo Medicare Supplement (Policy Series 500) is underwritten by Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company (Americo), Kansas City, MO, and may vary in accordance with state laws. Some products and benefits may not be available in all states. Certain restrictions apply. Neither Americo nor its Medicare Supplement Insurance policy are connected with or endorsed by the US government or the federal Medicare program.


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Final Expense Insurance

Americo/Great Southern Life offers Eagle Premier Series, a portfolio of whole life insurance products. These products are specifically designed to help cover the costs associated with funeral and burial expenses, unpaid medical bills, and other financial obligations your family may have when you die.

Just like the Medicare Supplement e-app, the Final Expense e-application has an instant decision, helping you receive an underwriting decision right then at the point of sale.

It's also important to note that Americo is the only A Rated (by A.M. Best) Final Expense carrier we have, so if that's important for your client, Americo/GSL is the obvious choice.

There are two Final Expense options depending on the needs of your client:

  1. Eagle Premier, which offers a full death benefit
  2. Eagle Guaranteed, which offers a 3-year graded death benefit that is Guaranteed Issue

A huge stand-out is the "Quit Smoking Advantage" incentive.

This program encourages clients to quit smoking by giving them nonsmoker rates for the first 3 years of the policy. If the client can provide evidence that they quit smoking for 12 months before that 3rd policy anniversary, their death benefit and premium remain level.

The commission is very nice on this product, and it's paid the next day.

It’s often a lot easier to sell a Medicare Supplement with a Final Expense product when the company name is the same, and it's clear that Americo definitely has a lot to offer.


Disclaimers: State variations apply; subject to issue age limits and state availability. Quit Smoking Advantage not available in CA. Issuance of policy may depend upon answers to medical questions. Eagle Premier Series (Policy Series 311/312/313) are underwritten by Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company (Americo), Kansas City, MO, and may vary in accordance with state laws. Some products and benefits may not be available in all states. Certain restrictions and variations apply. Consult policy and riders for all limitations and exclusions. For exact terms and conditions, please refer to the policy. For agent use only. Not for public use. 18-204-1 Americo