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Capitol Life

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Why Capitol Life Medicare Supplement?

  • Easy e-app with really neat red, yellow, and green underwriting system (green is approved, red is denied, and yellow is a quick phone interview to clarify)
  • Great rates in all states for F, G, and N (Number 1 in many states!!)
  • Cash incentives throughout the year for production
  • Amazing history of marketing trips such as Madrid, Spain, Hawaii, and now a Norway Cruise
  • Relationship direct with company
  • Good commissions that are as fair as anyone in the Medicare space
  • Great support from the home office to our organization
  • We want to help you GROW!
  • Sister company of Liberty Bankers Life (great relationship with the leadership)

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What's Great About Capitol Life in Michigan

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Last updated July 7, 2020

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Capitol Life Medigap Household Discount

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