United States Fire Insurance Company

United States Fire Insurance Company

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Why Sell US Fire Medicare Supplements?

  • Great Plan F and Plan G rates
  • Same e-App platform as IAS Carriers (CSI Life, CSO, etc.)
  • Red, green, yellow on the e-App
  • Admin by Crum & Forster
  • Underwriting by IAS

State Availability – US Fire Competitive Maps

Plan G 68 Female HHD

Plan N 68 Female HHD

Plan F 68 Female HHD

Plan L 68 Female HHD

E-App Signature Options

There are four options available for signing the application:

  1. Print Documents – Print the documents and sign with a wet signature.
  2. Electronic Signature – If the applicant has internet access, an email address, and has access to a computer, you can offer the option to sign electronically. The applicant will login and view documents online.
  3. Voice Signature – This option is for applicants to provide authorization by phone. An applicant email address is also required for this option.
  4. Signature Pad – The applicant is with you and will be reviewing and signing in person. Applicant must sign the necessary document(s) using your device.

US Fire Household Discount

The following household discount is available:

  • 7% Household Discount – The applicant may be eligible for a policy with a lower premium rate based on their answers to the statements in this section.

1. Do you currently have a household resident (at least one, no more than three):

  • With whom you have continuously resided for the last 12 months and who is age 60 or older; or
  • With whom you reside and to whom you are either married or in a civil union partnership

If answered “Yes,” the individual qualifies for the household discount.

In general, the Company will utilize the “cohabitation” version of the Household Discount (HHD), whereby the qualifying adult does not need to have a United States Fire Medicare supplement policy.

Pennsylvania applies a hybrid “cohabitation” & “multi-policy” version of HHD, refer to the state specific Medicare Supplement Household Discount section within the application.

Illinois and Ohio apply a “multi-policy” version of HHD, refer to the state specific Medicare Supplement Household Discount Section within the application.

Download our Household Discount Cheat Sheet, available for select states and updated often:

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Rate Changes

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