Cigna (ARLIC)

Cigna (ARLIC)

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Why Cigna Medicare Supplement?

  • allows customers to easily review claims, change premium payment options, print temporary ID cards, and more!
  • Tools and services to help make it easy to quote multiple policies for your customer, and submit your business electronically
  • ‘Phone Sales’ capabilities for all Cigna Medicare Supplement Products, making it easy to write business in your Resident and Non-Resident licensed states!
  • Live Phone Verification Technicians available 5 days a week, makes it easy for Brokers to get their Phone Sales verified and submitted
  • 95% of claims received electronically are auto-adjudicated, resulting in quick turnaround times for customers.
  • Strong financial strength and credit ratings – A.M. Best rating: American Retirement Life Ins. Co. (ARLIC) is A- (Excellent)
  • Cigna Healthy Rewards® (Health and wellness discounts)
  • Multiple Rate Classes – Substandard Rate Classes give Cigna and Broker Partners opportunity to issue more underwritten MedicareSupplement business

State Availability

Get the Product Availability chart for Cigna (ARLIC) here. Cigna (ARLIC) is available in 30 states, including Illinois and Indiana.

Signature Options

Electronic signature will be gathered during the Phone Verification. No wet signature needed.

Household Discount

The Cigna Household Discount is 7%, but that can vary by state. Check out our Household Discount Cheat Sheet, which is currently available for Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

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Rate Changes

View all rate changes by the month here.

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