ACE Medicare Supplement

What sets ACE Medicare Supplement apart:

  • A++ Rated: the only Medicare Supplement in our portfolio with an A++ Rating from A.M. Best
  • The Chubb Brand Name: the company behind ACE Medicare Supplement is Chubb, the largest company we've ever represented with more than $200 billion in assets
  • Some of the Lowest Rates In Every State: when we say competitive rates, we mean it. ACE has the lowest or second lowest rate in nearly every state.
  • Cash Bonuses
  • Admin by IAS: IAS does some of the best Medicare Supplement administration in the industry
  • Helpful e-App Portal

Details your clients will love:

  • A household discount* for eligible applicants
  • No waiting period for preexisting conditions

*Clients are eligible for a household premium discount if they reside with a spouse or have resided with at least one, but not more than three, other adults. See full policy details for further information.

ACE Medicare Supplement State Availability Map

Last updated April 3, 2024
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