Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company (GTL)

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company (GTL)

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GTL offers Plans A, F, G and N with fast, simplified underwriting and a convenient e-app.

  • Fast, simplified underwriting
  • Outstanding commissions
  • Electronic submission platform
  • Online training
  • Live, personal sales support
  • Issue ages 65-99
  • Quote and submit apps with GTL's e-app, available for Apple, Android, & PC Platforms
  • No pre-existing condition limitations
  • 12-month rate guarantee

State Availability

Visit GTL's website to click on your state and see which products are available. You can also reference this state approvals chart:

Last updated June 3, 2021

Household Discount

The household discount is 7% (check state availability). The HHD applies to applications who reside together and are both applying for or currently have a GTL Medicare Supplement policy.

Rate Changes

View all rate changes by the month here.

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