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National General Accident & Health is not the only carrier to offer Med Supp insurance, but you can’t miss their exclusive savings package, MultiDiscount. Give your customers the kind of plans they can rely on for financial peace of mind, with discounts created just for them. 

Be sure to review the NatGen Senior Products 2022 Overview Presentation!

Exclusive MultiDiscount Benefits 

NatGen has created an exclusive suite of discounts and upgrades that your customers will love and you will appreciate. Here’s what your customers will enjoy from National General’s MultiDiscount:

  • Roommate discount – 7%
  • Household multi-plan discount – 10% 
  • Activity tracker discount – 5% 
  • Annual payment discount – 10% 
  • Dental discount: combine NatGen plans and save 10% on dental

Agent Highlights

Plus, agents get support and resources to streamline enrollment and simplify their customers’ process, saving time for everyone: 

  • Any-day effective date 
  • InstaDecision: no waiting, no paperwork to file, Instant ID cards 
  • Signature Options include: security question, Electronic signature and voice signature
  • Touchless application process for security and ease of enrollment 

Download the Med Supp Flyer

Download the Med Supp Soundbites Flyer

MedSupp Plans Overview 

NatGen’s Med Supp Insurance plans offer options A, F, HDF, G and N. Their plans provide the industry-standard level of Med Supp benefits that you already expect.

State Availability

The Medicare Supplement Target States, which are subject to state approval, are shown on the map below using this color key:

  • Blue: Existing States
  • Green: 2/1/2022 States with a 4/1/2022 Effective Date
  • Light Blue: 2/1/2022 States with a 4/1/2022 Effective Date AND the lowest rates
  • Orange: 3/1/2022 States with a 5/1/2022 Effective Date
Preferred Select is not available in OH, CA, & MN; Activity Tracker Discount is not available in OH

Download the NatGen Senior Products by State in 2022 Flyer

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