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Sentinel Security Life

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Why Sentinel Medicare Supplement?

Sentinel is a company out of Salt Lake City, and we have a great relationship with the people behind this company. They come from a Final Expense background – the company was started by funeral directors. Now, they have a very competitive Med Supp product.

Sentinel will write a Med Supp and Final Expense on the same app with no additional health questions! The app is incredible simple (they go back 2 years for heart and 2 years for cancer). There's a lot of give and take on the underwriting, which a lot of carriers have gotten away from.

Their G rates are as good as any G rates out there – very competitive, especially in IL.

State Availability

View the state availability chart in the agent portal.

Signature Options

Clients may sign via E-Signature or Telephone Signature. TELEPHONE SIGNATURE AVAILABLE 24/7 – 877-888-0352.

Telephone Signature is collected after the application is submitted. After the eApp is submitted and, if applicable, telephone signature is received, the agent will receive an e-mail that contains the underwriting decision.

To view the status of an app, visit

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Household Discount

The Sentinel Household Discount is 12%, but some states don't offer it. Check out our Household Discount Cheat Sheet, available for select states and updated often.

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Rate Changes

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Carrier Spotlight

John Hockaday interviews Dan Acker, President of Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company. [2019 Update: Dan Acker is now with Equitable and sister companies.]

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