Equitable National Life Insurance Company

Equitable National Life Insurance Company

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As a subsidiary of Equitable Life & Casualty, the newly formed Equitable National Life Insurance Company has released its first product, offering Medicare Supplement products in several states.

ENL provides the same top-notch, friendly personalized service that is provided by Equitable Life & Casualty.

State Availability

Signature Options

Telephonic (Express)/Web Applications:

  • Telephonic Applications require a verbal signature
  • Web Applications require Passphrase Signature or Docu-Sign signatures
  • POA signatures are not accepted on Telephonic/Web applications

Paper Applications:

  • All Paper applications require the applicant’s physical signature
  • POA signatures can be accepted only for OE/GI cases

Household Discount

The Equitable National Life Household Discount is 7%, except for ID where no discount is available.

Rate Changes

View all rate changes by the month here.

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This product may be available in other states not listed. Please contact us to inquire.