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Rebekah Parr

I’m Rebekah Parr, the Content Director here at New Horizons. I write the articles you see on our blog, newsletter, and social media outlets. There are also a number of training guides and resources that I help develop for both new and well-established agents. If there’s something that needs to be written, I’m the go-to gal for the job!

There are a lot of brand new agents out there who don’t know where to begin, so part of my mission is to create helpful content that can guide them in the right direction. Whether it’s learning how to knock on doors or understanding all of the licenses and certifications you need to start selling, we have a library of awesome content on our blog.

But it’s not just all about newbies! I also spend a huge portion of my time helping established agents learn about new products, sales techniques, technology, marketing, and more. Whether it’s a full-on Life Insurance Marketing Kit or a short article about CRMs, I love learning and sharing new ideas for senior market agents.

And then there are our older agents who have retirement on the brain. I also help our team create content about succession planning, selling your business, and preparing for all those end-of-the-road details. I really try to understand the issues that all agents are facing so that we can address them on our blog and in our weekly email newsletter.

I love my job here at New Horizons, because there’s always something new to learn – as I’m sure you know! The insurance industry is constantly evolving, and there’s always a new challenge to tackle. If I can make some of the mumbo jumbo easier to understand – and figure it out myself – I feel like I’ve really accomplished something.

My background is in writing and publishing. I graduated as an Honors Scholar from Illinois State University and hold a BS in English and Creative Writing. I’ve completed 9 online courses from Digital Marketer Labs, covering everything from Content Marketing to Email Marketing and Search Marketing. My previous career was as the Editor for a nonfiction publishing house, where I edited and proofed hundreds of books and wrote 7 nonfiction books.

While I’m originally from Decatur, IL, I made the trek down south a number of years ago. I work remotely from central Florida, so when I’m not working, I love to make the 2-hour drive to the gulf for a relaxing weekend. (Don’t hate me!) I also love spending time with my 100-pound German Shepherd, Dash, my wonderful husband, Aaron, my sweet daughter, Vera, and my little boy, Jack on our horse farm.

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