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Why Atlantic Cost Life Annuities?

Atlantic Coast Life has been a beacon of integrity since 1925, providing financial solutions to life’s uncertainties and then delivering at a family’s time of greatest need. ACL offers 6 annuity products, providing your clients with options that fit their retirement needs and goals.

ACL has an AM Best Rating of B++.

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State Availability

ACL has a myriad of products available in many states. Check out the interactive Product Availability map to click on your state and see what's available.

Income Navigator Annuity

Offering multiple investing strategies based off the S&P 500®, allocate your funds as you see fit with no damage to your principal. Also available is an Income Rider, which provides you with a steady stream of income for life.

Five indexing options:

  • Fixed Account
  • Annual Point to Point
  • Monthly Averaging
  • Monthly Sum
  • Daily Averaging

This product has a 10-year surrender schedule.

Retirement Plus Multiplier Annuity

The Retirement Plus Multiplier Annuity is a fixed index annuity that offers several index crediting strategies and a fixed rate option.

  • Experience potential market index growth
  • Secure accumulation value from market loss
  • Generate retirement income for your lifetime
  • Select from a variety of crediting strategies and riders

Riders include:

  • Accumulation Buy Up Rider: the participation and cap rates are increased
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Rider (GLWB): you will not outlive the benefit of withdrawals, even after the total withdrawal of the accumulation value.

Safe Harbor and Safe Haven Bonus Annuity

Safe Harbor & Safe Haven Bonus Guarantee annuities are single premium-deferred annuities that earn a fixed rate of interest, allowing your money to grow on a tax-deferred basis.

  • 5, 6, 7, 10, or 20-year terms
  • Income options

Read more in the 5-Year Annuity Tip Sheet!

Safe Anchor Annuity

Safe Anchor Market Guarantee is a 5 year fixed rate with an indexing option plan. This is based on the S&P 500.

  • Fixed rate
  • Monthly averaging
  • Annual point to point
  • Monthly sum

Guaranteed Income Annuity

Grow your retirement wealth and protect against future risk with the Guaranteed Income Annuity.  Optional riders supply a steady stream of income throughout a lifetime, the endowment of invested assets and a secure inheritance to beneficiaries, or the option to combine both benefits for those uncertain of their intentions at retirement.

  • Secure Retirement with Minimal Risk
  • Guaranteed income for life
  • Additional premium contribution in the first year
  • Premium bonus up to 10%
  • 10 Year Contract
  • Generous issue ages

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