Why Athene Annuities?

With a vision to be a fixed annuity market leader with a strong return on equity, Athene is in the retirement savings sector for the long term. Take a look at Athene's strong portfolio of fixed annuity products designed to meet consumers' accumulation and retirement income needs.

Here's a look at Athene's annuity options:

  • Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA)
  • Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities (MYGA)
  • Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIA)

Athene has an AM Best Rating of A.

State Availability

State Availability depends on the product, but Athene offers products in almost all U.S. states. Here are product maps outlining where the products are available.

Athene Agility 10

Athene Ascent Pro 10 Bonus

Athene Benefit 10 and Enhanced Benefits Rider

Athene MaxRate

Athene Performance Elite 7

Athene Performance Elite 10

Athene Performance Elite 15

Athene Agility (FIA)

Athene Agility is designed to deliver strong income and growth potential plus liquidity. This versatile product includes a built-in Income and Death Benefit rider at no additional charge.

Athene Ascent Pro Bonus (FIA)

Athene Ascent Pro fixed indexed annuity turns the income rider into income opportunity. How? By maximizing your clients' income potential with 2 growth options plus three income payment options.

The Ascent Income Rider is built-in to Ascent Pro contracts and offers two ways to grow the Income Base:

  • Option 1 — Guaranteed Growth
    Predictable growth with a strong Guaranteed Simple Interest Rate.
  • Option 2 — Guaranteed Growth plus Interest Credits
    Combines a lower Guaranteed Simple Interest Rate with the potential for Interest Credits. The Income Base will also increase by 200% of any Interest Credits that are added to the annuity's Accumulated Value.

The Ascent Pro Bonus annuity also offers these valuable features.

  • Premium Bonus – Provides an immediate increase to the annuity's Accumulated Value.
  • Free Withdrawals — Beginning in the first Contract Year, you can withdraw up to 10% of your annuity's Accumulated Value each Contract Year without a Withdrawal Charge or Market Value Adjustment (MVA).
  • Minimum Interest Credit — Provides the opportunity for a one-time automatic interest credit. If at the end of the withdrawal charge period, the total interest credited to the Accumulated Value is less than the Minimum Interest Credit, the client automatically receives a one-time interest credit equal to the difference.
  • Bailout Feature — If Athene lowers the declared 1-Year Point-to-Point Index Strategy Annual Cap Rate below the Bailout Cap Rate, this feature gives full access to the Accumulated Value for up to 30 days after the Contract Anniversary in which the Bailout Cap Rate was pierced - free of any charges - so clients can feel confident about their money.
  • Terminal Illness and Confinement Waivers.

Athene Benefit 10 (FIA)

Athene Benefit 10 is a fixed indexed annuity paired with a unique built-in rider (for an Annual Rider Charge) that offers more than income withdrawals. In fact, the Enhanced Benefits Rider delivers up to five benefits in most states, (fewer benefits in CA, CT, DC, HI, IL, LA, MA, MD, PA & WA), subject to certain eligibility requirements. Benefits are funded from a single benefit base, with Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), Lifetime Income Withdrawals reduced dollar for dollar rather than pro-rata. This feature makes Benefit 10 particularly attractive as a legacy solution.

  • Benefit Base Growth – Simple interest credited to the Benefit Base each Contract Anniversary
  • Early Lifetime Income Withdrawal Bonus – Client's initial Lifetime Income Withdrawal will be increased by a specified percentage if Lifetime Income Withdrawals are elected in contract years 2-7
  • Premium Bonus – provides an immediate increase to the annuity's Accumulated Value
  • RMD "Friendly" – Take a Required Minimum Distribution in any contract year with no Withdrawal Charges, Premium Bonus Vesting Adjustment or Market Value Adjustment

Athene SPIA

A SPIA can provide peace of mind for your client's retirement future. In return for a single premium, Athene guarantees to pay a specified income to your client based on a calculation of your premium payment plus the interest rate used at the time of policy issue. A SPIA provides safety from market volatility, and your client may choose a lifetime income option. Athene can never reduce the amount of the payments.

Competitive lifetime payout options (paid out monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually).

  • Life annuity
  • Life annuity with guaranteed period
  • Installment refund life annuity
  • Joint and survivor annuity
  • Joint and survivor annuity with guaranteed period
  • Joint and two-thirds survivor annuity
  • Annuity Certain

Athene MaxRate (MYGA)

  • Competitive rates — Initial premium will earn a guaranteed fixed rate of interest for the term period chosen. Additional premiums earn interest at a rate set annually that will meet or exceed the guaranteed minimum.
  • Flexible premiums
  • First year premium: $10,000 - $1 Million. Higher amounts available with Company approval.
  • Additional premiums: Starting at $1,000 up to $100,000 per year ($10,000 maximum in NY).
  • Walk away product — No automatic renewal.
  • Access to money when it's needed most
  • Free Withdrawal – Equal to the Multi-Year Fixed Strategy rate multiplied by the Accumulated Value (as of the most recent Contract Anniversary) beginning in the first contract year.
  • Withdraw up to 100% for qualifying confinement and terminal illness. Waivers/ Benefits available after the first Contract Year.
  • Multiple annuity payout options.
  • Death benefit — Provides the ability to create a legacy.

Athene Performance Elite (FIA)

High-performance 7, 10 and 15-year fixed indexed annuity solutions built for accumulation.

  • Competitive Premium Bonus – Provides an immediate increase to the annuity's Accumulated Value.
  • Multiple Index Interest Crediting Strategies – Allocate to strategies featuring a variety of crediting methods and underlying market indices.
  • Additional Features: Terminal Illness and Confinement Waivers, Death Benefit, and RMD "Friendly" withdrawals.
  • Free Withdrawals
  • Performance Elite 7: Available year one
  • Performance Elite 10 and 15: Available year two

Athene Performance Elite Plus

Includes all the features above plus a liquidity rider (for a charge) with features that are among the most robust in the industry.

  • Enhanced Premium Bonus
  • Up to 10% free withdrawals per year, available immediately
  • Up to 20% free if no withdrawals are taken in the prior year
  • Return of Premium Benefit available after the fourth Contract Year
  • Enhanced annuitization

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