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Lasso Healthcare Group MSA

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On January 1, 2020, Lasso Healthcare rolled out its first group product, a group-focused Medicare Advantage MSA plan.

Employers across the nation are facing a coverage challenge for their 65+ employees. Costs are rising, and it’s becoming more and more expensive to offer health coverage to retirees. This led Lasso Healthcare to ask an important question: why do group Medicare products cost so much to offer when the individual Medicare products are so competitive?

Enter: the Lasso Healthcare Group MSA, an affordable, benefit-rich group product for any sized employee base anywhere in the United States.

Group MSA Highlights

Beyond reducing your coverage costs and risks, the Lasso Healthcare Group MSA offers additional benefits. That added value combined with group savings makes this a win-win for everyone!

  • Provide additional coverage options and the most flexibility for beneficiaries
  • Nationwide plan coverage – available in all 50 states and D.C.
  • Multiple off-the-shelf plan designs with a full-custom option
  • Dedicated account management, group billing capabilities, and more through Lasso Healthcare's partnership with a national expert in group retiree solutions
  • Flexible enrollment mechanisms

Who Is Eligible?

The Lasso Healthcare Group MSA works for employers with any employee base size, and it can be combined with an HRA (Health Reimbursement Account) for additional value.

  • Employers with active employees 65+
  • Employers with covered retiree populations
  • Associations
  • Professional employee organizations (PEOs)

Why Would Employees Love the MSA?

  • Only MA product to give money (growth potential)
  • Always $0 premium by law
  • No network – see any Medicare-participating provider across the US
  • No copays, no referrals, and no prior authorizations
  • Enhanced tax-free expense coverage
  • Unintegrated Part D – flexibility to find the best plan
  • $250 health incentive awards annually
MSAs Offer Unique Features and Appeal
MSAs Offer Unique Features and Appeal

How Does an MSA Work?

MSAs are actually very simple when you boil it down to its 4 main components:

  1. Lasso Healthcare deposits money into the member’s MSA savings account.
  2. The member decides how to spend, save, and/or invest the funds.
  3. The member is responsible for expenses until they reach the plan deductible. Then, Lasso Healthcare pays 100% of additional Medicare A/B expenses incurred.
  4. Any funds remaining at the end of the year belong to the member, and the funds roll over to the next year.

Lasso Healthcare Group MSA Plan Designs

Lasso Healthcare is offering three Group MSA plan designs – plus a fully custom design – to best fit your organization’s needs.

Group MSA plan designs
*PMPM: Per Member, Per Month

Lasso Healthcare Group MSA Enrollment Period

The Lasso Group MSA benefit design is based on a full calendar year with a benefit period ending December 31st. Groups can enter at any time of the year but will have an Annual Election Period in November.

Initial Group Setup Groups can enter any time of the year, and the benefit period ends 12/31
Election Periods Individuals can elect coverage at the initial group setup, when they join the group or during the Annual Election Period (Nov)
Annual Election Period November 1-15, with the ability to customize for each group
Disenrollment Periods Individuals can disenroll upon leaving the group or at Annual Election Period (Nov)


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