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Some of your clients may be searching for Medicare plans that will address health care more holistically. Even more are looking for comprehensive, customized plans that provide expanded benefits. Medicare plans from Zing Health allow you to meet their needs by offering better options with more benefits.

Advantages for You

  • Expand your product portfolio with Medicare plans that fit your clients’ needs, including Medicare Advantage, D-SNP and C-SNP plans.
  • Offer plans with a holistic approach that feature a personalized model of care.
  • Enjoy a more consistent income thanks to initial year-round Medicare plan enrollments, non-prorated compensation, and standard lifetime renewals.
  • Easily learn and license with our simple, tech-enabled licensing process — just one certification required for the three states Zing Health serves.

Advantages for Clients

  • Relationship-focused preventative care keeps clients happy, healthy and out of the hospital.
  • Unique, holistic approach seeks to understand clients’ health-related circumstances outside of a clinical setting.
  • Reduced out-of-pocket costs thanks to Zing Health’s emphasis on no-cost access to care.
  • Broader range of benefits compared to other plans.
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