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Florida Blue

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Go big. Grow blue.

Florida Blue has been serving Floridians since 1965. With a rapidly expanding membership base of ~155K current members and $1.8 billion in annual revenue, Florida Blue Medicare is an integral part of the GuideWell family.

Florida Blue Medicare currently offers 45 different plans across all counties in Florida. Plans include, but are not limited to, 5 legacy HMO’s, 10 high performing network HMO’s, 6 D-SNP, 11 LPPO’s, and more.

Florida Blue’s mission is simple: To help people and communities achieve better health. A key component of bettering our communities is helping get our products out into the market.

Offer your clients:

  • Privileged access to Florida Blue Medicare’s product suite includes PPO, HMO, D-SNP, Part B Giveback and Veteran-specific plans
  • Plans may cover prescriptions, gym memberships, transportation and more
  • A trusted network of local doctors and hospitals

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