ATRIO Medicare Advantage Plans are designed to incentivize members to receive preventive care, provide $0 premium plans with low out-of-pocket costs to the member, and prescription drugs with low out of pocket copays for many drugs. Plus, ATRIO offers the supplemental benefits that members value!

Additional Benefits with ATRIO

  • ATRIO Flex Card: The Flex Card is a debit card preloaded with a set dollar amount for dental services and gym membership coverage.
  • Hearing Benefit: You pay nothing for an annual routine hearing exam and receive coverage of top-level hearing aids at affordable prices through Amplifon.
  • Routine Vision Benefit: You pay nothing for an annual routine eye exam and receive up to a $150 allowance towards eyeglasses every 2 years through VSP.
  • Meals: Receive up to 28 meals with prior authorization from ATRIO after a qualifying event such as an inpatient or rehab facility stay.
  • Over-the-counter Items: ATRIO gives you a quarterly credit between $35 – $75 to buy over-the-counter items from a list of eligible products, depending on your plan choice.
  • Dental: You receive between $750 – $1,250 to pay for dental needs, depending on your plan choice. You choose your provider, and you decide how to spend your dental funds.
  • Fitness Membership: You also receive between $250 – $550 to cover the cost of gym membership fees, depending on your plan choice.
  • Worldwide Emergency: Worldwide Emergency and Urgent care benefits when traveling outside the country!

ATRIO Service Area

*Benefit information is pending CMS approval and not intended for public distribution

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