Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is dedicated to delivering better care to their members, providing greater value to their customers and helping improve the health of their communities.

Anthem offers plans with premiums as low as $0. Your clients will also enjoy peace of mind with hearing, vision and dental benefits built right in the plan to help with what Original Medicare doesn't cover.

Anthem offers HMO, PPO, and SNP plan options.

With Anthem MediBlue HMOs, policyholders benefit from Anthem's leading network of doctors and care providers. Members save on monthly premiums with rates as low as $0 and save on doctor visits, too. On a Medicare Advantage HMO plan, members choose a primary care physician (PCP) who they'll see for all their check-ups and regular exams. That PCP also directs the member to the right specialists when needed.

On an Anthem Medicare Advantage PPO, policyholders have lots of flexibility. They'll still pick a primary care physician for check-ups, but they can also choose to see any doctor or specialist in the network without needing a referral. Anthem's network is always growing. Members can also see doctors outside their network but services may cost more.

Anthem Medicare Advantage plans also come with no-cost preventive services like shots, exams, and screenings.

Many Anthem Medicare Advantage plans also include extra benefits, such as:

  • Vision and dental coverage
  • Hearing aids
  • Over-the-counter items
  • SilverSneakers®

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