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Expanded service area. Plans in every county. And, a choice between TWO market-hot plans in every service area location. Make room in your portfolio for the Lasso Healthcare MSA.

Why Lasso Healthcare's MSA?

The Lasso Healthcare MSA plan is a $0 premium, high-deductible healthcare product underwritten by Lasso Healthcare. There's a reason Lasso Healthcare is rapidly expanding and covers more ground than any Medicare MSA in the history of Medicare.

  • $0 premium

The MSA is $0 premium, and that'll never change. The $0 premium is by law, so your clients can rest assured they will always be premium-free as long as they stay in the MSA plan.

  • No networks

MSA plans do not have a network of providers, so members choose their health care services and providers. Thousands of providers already accept the MSA, including some of the largest and most renowned systems. Providers can decide at every visit whether to accept the Plan and agree to treat members, however, members cannot be denied emergency care due to their insurance plan.

  • No regions

Beneficiaries can choose the best MSA plan for them — lower deductible/out-of-pocket or higher deposit. These plan options are available to everyone that lives in a state where the plans are offered. There are no regions!

  • No drug plan included – flexibility to add your own Part D plan

There's no drug coverage included with the plan, but we actually see that as a positive, not a negative.

With typical MAPDs, the client may enjoy the health coverage, but the drug coverage wrapped up into the plan doesn't really suit them. With the MSA, they have the freedom to pick a standalone Part D plan that's tailored to their prescriptions and the pharmacy they want to go to.

Key Features of the MSA

Travelers, HSA fans, health enthusiasts, expensive Medicare Supplement plan enrollees, people with managed chronic conditions and more – so many clients can find value in an MSA plan!

  • ZERO premium
  • No network — access to any Medicare provider
  • Only MA plan giving clients money
  • Annual deposit of $$$ into account
  • Clients decide how to spend, save or invest the $$$
  • They keep $$$ they don't spend
  • Potential to grow $$$ over time
  • Services capped at 100% FFS rates
  • Earn $250 in gift card rewards

2022 Lasso Healthcare Updates

A few exciting updates from our friends at Lasso Healthcare:

  • More state expansion: 35 states + DC (added Alaska)
  • 2 attractive plan choices: Growth MSA and Growth Plus MSA (same plan options as CY2021)
  • 98% of 2020 Lasso Healthcare members had deposit funds remaining in their account at the end of the year!
  • 2022 enrollment and marketing materials are here

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