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Why Lasso Healthcare's MSA?

One of Few

The convenient flexibility of an MSA is hard to come by in the United States. Lasso Healthcare’s $0 premium MSA will be available in 26 states plus the District of Columbia this fall.

Double Duty

Clients who enroll in an MSA will also need a Part D plan, increasing your sales opportunities.

Medicare, Their Way

With an annual deposit from Medicare, clients can use their account balance for Medical expenses or roll it over for future costs.

Accepted & Approved

Lasso Healthcare’s MSA is CMS approved and has NO NETWORKS! Clients can see any doctor that accepts Medicare assignment.

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Lasso Healthcare MSA 2020 State Availability Map

2020 Map information
2020 map information

Lasso MSA 2020 Deposit and Deductible Information

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Lasso Commissions

  • $150 cash bonus if you submit 3 apps during AEP (can be used to cover the cost of the AHIP if you choose)
  • $200 cross-sell bonus when you sell the Lasso MSA and HIP together
  • $510 first-year commission, street level
  • $255 renewal for life – 50% of the street rate
  • 10% commission on the new HIP from Lasso, street level
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This product may be available in other states not listed. Please contact us to inquire.