Permanent (> 24 hours) damage to the brain caused by a vascular event, thrombosis, or hemorrhage resulting in permanent neurological deficit.

Likely Underwriting Decision

Preferred is not available

Unable to consider until 12 months after the stroke

If multiple strokes, usually decline

The typical rating for a well worked up mild stroke, with minimal residuals, 150 to 200%. The younger the applicant and the more recent the stroke, the higher the rating

Lacunar infarct—Age 75 and over, incidental MRI finding of lone lacunar infarct with no precipitating symptoms, favorable risk factors: Preferred may be possible

Factors Affecting the Decision

  • Current age
  • Date of diagnosis and age at onset
  • Current symptoms/extent of neurological deficit
  • Cause of stroke
  • Treatment
  • Medications
  • Number of strokes
  • Smoking history
  • Active lifestyle
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol readings
  • Any concurrent serious impairment

Fast Track the App


Fast Track:

  • Neurology workup (carotid duplex, MRI)
  • Current function (how active)
  • Lifestyle modifications