Kidney (Renal) Function Test

Blood tests are done with a renal function panel to determine how well the kidneys are functioning and when results are out of normal range; it can indicate the possibility of a disease process.

Likely Underwriting Decision

Decision will depend on how elevated the lab findings are, any other medical conditions, any diagnosis for known history of abnormal renal functions

Best Case: With only minimally abnormal renal function test in a client less than age 60 with no history of diabetes or poorly controlled blood pressure: possible Preferred

Typical Case: With mildly abnormal renal functions, client over the age of 60, stable trend of renal functions in APS, no history of diabetes, poorly controlled blood pressure or other renal impairments: possible Standard to 150%, depending on age

Worst Case: With mildly abnormal renal function, history of diabetes, poorly controlled blood pressure, other renal impairments or moderately abnormal renal functions: possible 200% to decline, depending on age

Factors Affecting the Decision

  • How elevated is the BUN or serum creatinine?
  • Is the client taking any medication that may adversely affect the findings?
  • Is there any medical condition that may contribute to the findings?
  • What are the normal trends of the BUN and serum creatinine in the APS information?
  • Is this a new problem which has not been fully evaluated?

Fast Track the App


Fast Track:

  • Results of full chemical profile
  • Quality of specimen
  • Results of urine findings
  • Details of any medical conditions that may contribute to the findings