Primary, or essential hypertension is the most common type affecting 95% of people with hypertension. The cause is unknown, but is thought to be the result of a complex interplay of factors that include demographic, genetic, and environmental factors. Secondary hypertension results from disorders of the kidney, endocrine, or nervous system.

Likely Underwriting Decision

Rating depends on severity of hypertension

May qualify for Best Class if well-controlled and compliant with medication

Factors Affecting the Decision

  • Current age
  • Date of diagnosis
  • Type of hypertension (essential or secondary to another impairment)
  • Medication/treatment
  • Response to medication treatment
  • Current BP readings and history of readings for past 2 years (demonstrate stable course)
  • Compliant with medical treatment and follow-up
  • Any concurrent impairment (e.g., CAD, stroke, kidney disease, diabetes, build)

Fast Track the App

APS, paramed

Fast Track:

  • Record of blood pressure readings
  • Copies of any cardiac investigation
  • Details of risk factor modification
  • Active lifestyle