Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a disease caused by the Hepatitis B virus (HBV)

Likely Underwriting Decision

Best Case: Acute infection, over 6 months, HBsAg negative and liver functions normal: Standard or better

Typical Case: Chronic infection (HBeAg+) with or without liver biopsy, untreated, depending on laboratory results and how long infection has been present: Possible 150 to 250%

For chronic infection, treated, biopsy results (within the last 5 years), normal LFTs, mild to moderate: Standard to 200%

Worst Case: Decline if having more than one alcohol drink per day, HCV co-infection, any finding of cirrhosis, biopsy done in the last 5 years shows severe inflammation and untreated

Factors Affecting the Decision

  • Date of diagnosis
  • Acute or chronic infection
  • Laboratory results (liver function)
  • If chronic, was a biopsy done
  • Any alcohol usage or other medical conditions
  • Treatment and date(s) of treatment

Fast Track the App


Fast Track:

  • Laboratory results (including LFTs and hepatitis panel)
  • Sonograms, CTs, biopsy results