Cancer: Colon

Colorectal cancer is the third most common type of cancer in the world. The risk begins to increase after age 40 and rises sharply at ages 50 to 55.

Likely Underwriting Decision

Underwriting can be done only once treatment has been completed and if the client is well followed. On higher stage/grade tumors, may only be able to consider >10 years after last treatment. Preferred possible if meets criteria for Standard for at least 10 years. Standard Plus possible if history qualifies for Standard for the past 5 years

Best Case: Stage 0 tumor – Standard or better

Typical Case: Stage 1 tumor, 2 full years after treatment – $12/1000 x 4 years

Worst Case: Stage 3 tumor – decline

Factors Affecting the Decision

  • Date of diagnosis
  • Stage and grade of the tumor
  • Any hereditary syndrome that may be associated with other types of cancer
  • Type of treatment
  • Date treatment was completed
  • Ongoing follow-up
  • Any recurrence
  • Any complications from treatment

Fast Track the App


Fast Track:

  • Pathology report
  • Details and date(s) of treatment
  • Hospital reports
  • Details of follow-up (colonoscopy and tumor markers)