Alcohol Excess

Alcohol consumption considered as alcohol abuse, dependence, at risk, and heavy use.

Likely Underwriting Decision

Ratings depend primarily on applicant's age, time since last use, and any co-morbid factors

Best Case: Over age 30 and >5 years since last consumption: Standard Plus possible

Typical Case: 150 to 200%

Worst Case: Decline

Factors Affecting the Decision

  • Current age

  • Amount of alcohol declared

  • Any diagnosis of abuse or dependence

  • How long abstinent or consuming in moderation

  • Any relapses

  • Member of a self-help group

  • Treatment with medication

  • Any co-morbid conditions

  • Any medical complication

  • Driving history

Fast Track the App

APS, paramed, MVR, blood test

Fast Track:

  • Provide details of medical treatment and any psychiatric/psychological report

  • Document any residential care, including dates and length of treatment

  • Clearly outline any favorable aspects such as continued employment, attendance at self-help groups, etc.

  • Alcohol Questionnaire