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As an experienced agent, we understand that you don’t need hand-holding. However, support when you need it and in-depth resources curated just for you are part of what we do here at New Horizons.

We mean it when we say we’re just a phone call away. The majority of our agents here at New Horizons are experienced with years, and even decades, of insurance sales under their belts. We’d love to show you how we can help you grow and increase production by sharing what we’ve learned over the years.

Meet John Hockaday

John Hockaday, Principal and Co-Founder of New Horizons, started in the business in 1979. He and business partner Jeff Sams started out as sales agents, turned it into a local agency, and eventually created this National Marketing Organization we all know and love today.

John is incredibly relational and loves chatting with and helping agents. He shines above us all when it comes to underwriting. He knows what underwriters will and won’t take, and it saves agents a ton of heartache. He’ll help you place tough cases, which is often a sore spot for experienced agents.

Meet Jeff Sams

Jeff Sams, CEO and Co-Founder of New Horizons, started selling insurance in 1981. He has watched the senior market landscape shift, from long-term care insurance being the pillar of our production to new solutions being introduced to the market, such as short-term care insurance.

Jeff can see the big picture and is an incredible asset for experienced agents needing advice and assistance. He works to secure top contracts and carriers for our family of producers and is always working for and advocating for our agents.

Meet Kirk Sarff

Kirk Sarff, Director of Life Insurance Sales, joined New Horizons in 2003 to establish a life insurance and annuities department. Each year, his department has grown substantially, thanks for the outstanding agents that have started offering life insurance and annuity products to their clients.

Kirk makes it incredibly easy to offer life products by scrubbing your application, submit your paperwork to the carrier, keeping you informed of your case status, and doing all the legwork needed to place your case. Kirk also keeps in close connection with his top producers and will assist you with your production goals in any way he can.

Meet Steve Spinner

Steve Spinner, Director of Medicare Advantage Sales, is extremely passionate about the options newly available to seniors aging into Medicare. Whether it’s hosting live Q&A sessions to educate producers about the new MSA product or travelling to your town to co-host a seminar, Steve goes above and beyond every single day for his agents.

Steve focuses on outreach, agent support, marketing plans, and education to arm you with everything you need to successfully go to market with MA plans in your area.

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Use the Client Needs Assessment to Increase Production

Why An Agent Started Using the CNA After 33 Years

Tim Bennett has been in the insurance business since 1986 and started regularly using the Client Needs Assessment (CNA) in 2019.

Before he started using the CNA to uncover needs with his clients, he realized he was missing out on potential sales. "There's been more than one time that I found out people bought policies and didn't buy them from me," he explains.

By using the CNA with both existing and new clients, Bennett has not only been able to save sales, but he's been able to grow his business without spending any additional money on marketing or leads.

[Case Study] What I Earned When I Learned How to Use a CNA

Would you call me crazy if I told you that asking one extra question during an appointment could ultimately make you an extra $21,000?

Well, call me crazy, because this is a real-life case study from senior market insurance agent Laura Pecina. Back in 2015, she was new to the insurance business. After only a few months in the field, she came across the case she’s going to share with you today.“

A big reason behind my finding this case and eventually completing it was because of the Client Needs Assessment tool that we began incorporating that summer. We continue to use it to this day,” she says.

How to Become a $1 Million Insurance Producer

If you want to become a $1 million producer – or anywhere close to that number – there are a few things you have to do to get there. None of this is going to be mind blowing (I don’t think), but let me just say this: being a $1 million producer is possible.

Ultimately, cross-selling is the simplest way to become a $1 million producer. The concept is so simple: sell more per client.

It’s easier to manage, and it’s a better use of your time. In traditional work lingo, it’s like you’re making more per hour for doing less work.

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All Star Program

Introducing the All-Star Insurance Training Program

All-Star Attendee
“Using the skills I learned from this training program, I earned over $8,000 in commission before I even finished the course.”
–“Donut” Mahon

  • 98 training videos
  • 7 hours of training time
  • 8 video conference sessions with coach and trainer Michael Sams
  • Ongoing training and mentorship
  • Production tracking and reporting
  • Weekly accountability meetings
  • Technology and systems to improve your efficiency
  • Growth management and support

Everything we’ve done to build and increase our local agency’s production is now at your fingertips.

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