When Will the 2018 Medicare Costs Be Available to the Public?

When Will the 2018 Medicare Costs Be Available to the Public?

We're all wondering — when will the 2018 Original Medicare costs be available?

About two weeks ago, we called Medicare and asked. A representative said the Medicare costs for Parts A and B would be available about 2 days after annual open enrollment began. If we relayed this information to you, we’d like to correct it.

We haven't seen the costs yet, so we called again and were told the 2018 Medicare costs will be available to the public in a couple months. The representative anticipates the costs to be announced around mid-December.

Several news sources anticipate Part B costs to rise for higher-income individuals, but we will know the exact numbers when Medicare announces them in a couple of months.

If you sell MA plans, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a press release on September 29 stating that Medicare Advantage costs will decrease for 2018. The estimation is about a 6% decrease, equaling about $1.91 less per month. For the average premium, the cost is decreasing from $31.91 to $30 per month.

As you probably already know, Medicare Part D costs are available via the Medicare.gov website. Our top choice for this year is Silver Script with its low monthly premium and $0 deductible, but you can easily compare costs with your client’s exact prescriptions using the “Find health & drug plans” tool located on the homepage.

We’ll continue to update you on when the 2018 Medicare Parts A and B costs are available.

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