Video: Thoughts on the Oxford Life® Medicare Supplement

Over the last several months of working with Oxford Life, we are very happy with the product and the company. Here's John Hockaday with details.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, this is John Hockaday with New Horizons Insurance Marketing and today we'd like to talk about Oxford Life®, specifically the Med Supp part of that company. We've really been pleased with Oxford. Most of you probably know that it was just last fall that they they came into the Med Supp marketplace, East of the Mississippi. Specifically Illinois and Indiana which are two huge states for us, they've really done a fantastic job for us and when I talk to agents here's the feedback that I get from them.

Number one is the ease of underwriting. It's the easiest app that we have, and when you look at it you'll notice that right away it's a very simple app, and they do something that most of our other companies don't do, in that you have access to an underwriter right on the spot. So when you interview a prospect they'll give you the answer right there whether they they were accepted or not. So that's huge for a lot of guys.

The other thing that's a little bit of a tidbit behind-the-scenes is that when they came into the marketplace they told us that they priced their product to not take a rate increase until after two years. So in other states that they've been in the market longer, that's held true. We're anticipating the same thing in states that we work in primarily so it really gives you a lot of confidence when you're talking with your customer, that you know these rates are gonna hold hold steady for two years before they take that first increase.

And then lastly they've got an easy trip to win, that if you write $74,000 of Med Supp in 2014 that's either open enrollment, or underwritten they'll send you and a guest to the Bahamas next April so those things all put together really made a winning combination with Oxford. They're our number one carrier right now in Illinois. Writing more with them than any other company, so if you're not contracted with them or you'd like more information please give us a holler and we'll get you fixed up, and I think this will really be a company you enjoy working with.

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Here's what agents are saying

Stats as of June 12, 2014

  • Marc Nyman

Marc Nyman — 216 Apps

I like how I can find out immediately if my customer is approved. It saves me a lot of time and my customers don't have to wonder if they are accepted or not. Also, knowing that Oxford came into the market not planning on taking an increase for the first two years gives me a lot of confidence as I talk with my customers.

  • Carol Rankin

Carol Rankin — 27 Apps

I've only written 27 apps so far this year, but I love how fast I get an answer on underwriting. My experience has been very good and I plan on being in the Bahamas next April!


  • Dianne Renner

Dianne Renner — 80 Apps

I like the rates and how fast I know if they are approved. Also if anything is outstanding they send me an email to let me know what is needed. My husband just turned 65 and I wrote him on Oxford, that tells you what I think about them!



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