Video: 5 Med Supps to sell in Indiana for Fall 2014

Here are our favorite Medicare Supplements for Indiana, as we enter the Fall 2014 selling season. John Hockaday covers the basics, including ratings, sample rates, and some great incentive programs.

Video Transcript

Hey guys it's John Hockaday with New Horizons Insurance Marketing, and today we are focusing on the fall selling season for Med Supp. I talk to agents all day, every day, and what I'm hearing a lot from the field is "my gosh I've never seen so much competitive product out there - I'm not really sure where to go."

And so we call what might be helpful is to do this... what we're going to do is take by state - we're going to start with Indiana first, and tell you who our top 5 carriers are in that state. Now we have 'em all, if you to our website to our quote engine you're gonna see just a bunch of great companies on there, but currently this is our top five.

So starting with Indiana, our number one is Central States Indemnity, and they have been for really the past three years. They just been an excellent company to work with, A+ rated, they're Berkshire Hathway owned, their service has been outstanding, they've done an excellent job of keeping their rates really consistent and low. They didn't take a rate increase in 2014, and the rates look great going forward. So without a doubt our number one carrier is CSI in Indiana, so you need to make sure you're ready to go with those folks.

Plus, they've just kicked off September 1 - a great cash incentive for these next few months, so you need to check that out if you haven't. If you need an easy way to win an extra thousand dollars, or earn an extra thousand dollars, you need to check out CSI's incentive.

Number two for us would be Manhattan Life. Manhattan Life is a B+ rated carrier out of Houston. We have a lot of distribution, a lot of guys appointed in Indiana with that carrier. They have an excellent 7% household discount - very easy for people to be involved in that, to get the discount, Really competitive rates, awesome service, and they too are putting their best foot forward and have a great cash incentive, where you can (just like Central States) you can earn an extra thousand dollars or more this fall season by writing with Manhattan Life. So make sure you check those folks out as well.

Number three for us would be Oxford Life. Oxford Life is a is an A- excellent rated carrier, and they've just done an outstanding job for us. They're just coming up on their one-year anniversary date in Indiana writing Med Supp. I would say of all of our carriers they have the easiest app, the simplest questions, they do a great job with diabetics, they pay full comp on guaranteed issue business, so you need to keep that in mind this fall. They too have an incentive, which is a trip to the Bahamas next spring, that if you write $75,000 of premium with them this year (this entire year), you and a guest will be going to the Bahamas next April. So ya gotta have Oxford guys!

Number four is Medico Corp. We have a lot of agents contracted with Medico in Indiana, and they just retooled their rates August 1. Very, very competitive, and what they've done, which is a little different, is they have 8 area factors in Indiana where most carriers just have two. But they've kind of chopped it up to eight, and if you're in those bottom three or four rate bands, their rates are pretty much untouchable. Excellent rates and they've also made their app a little bit easier than what it was when it was just straight Medico - before they became Medico Corp.

And number five is Aetna. Many of you have been contracted with American Continental for probably years and years, but they really haven't been competitive in Indiana in Med Supp, until they just recently came out with Continental Life - American Continental's sister company. Now when you look at those rates in Indiana they're hot, they are smoking hot! This just took place August 4, so you've got a great national brand in Aetna. You have very competitive rates, they give a spousal discount, they too pay full comp on GI guaranteed issue business. I think this could be the start of something really, really big in Indiana - Continental Life / Aetna.

So that kind of rounds out our top five. If you're not appointed with those, or you have questions, or you need supplies, whatever it is that we can help with, make sure you give us a shout, and that you've got that gun loaded and ready to go for this fall, all right?

The best to you all, good selling, and have a great day!


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