Video: 5 Med Supps to sell in Illinois for Fall 2014

Here are our favorite Medicare Supplements for Illinois, as we enter the Fall 2014 selling season. John Hockaday covers the basics, including ratings, sample rates, and some great incentive programs.

Video Transcript

Good morning guys, this is John Hockaday with New Horizons Insurance Marketing, and today we are focusing on getting prepared for the fall selling season for Med Supp. And specifically we're focusing on the state of Illinois, and out what we have going on in our great state here.

So I'm hearing all the time from agents, right now there's so much competitive product out there, they're really not sure what to focus on. So what we thought would be helpful, is we are going to focus on our top five carriers in Illinois, okay so we have them all, we have a lot of great carriers outside the top five, and they're all on our quote engine, all our website, all the stuff is there.

But for our purposes the day we're going to just really focus on our top five this last year.

So number one out of the shoot for us in Illinois, has been Oxford Life. Oxford is A- rated carrier and we've really had a great experience with these folks. They've been in the Med Supp business now for just about a year. Coming up on their anniversary date, they don't have any plan of taking a rate increase until, at the earliest, next spring or next summer. So they've done an excellent job of keeping the rates down. Rates are very competitive, it's the easiest app that I have. They do a super job on diabetics. They pay full comp on GI, which we don't have a lot of carriers that do that. So in this fall time you need to keep that in the back your head, and then they also have really easy contest trip that you can qualify for by just doing $75,000 in premium on Oxford, and you and a guest will be going to the Bahamas next April. So Oxford's been a super pleasant surprise for us and we're rolling strong with them.

Number two is Companion Life. Companion is an A+ rated carrier. They're new to us in the Med Supp market. They just came into Illinois June 1 of this year. They have fantastic F rates. If you're between the age 69 and 80, they've got the best F in the state. Up in Chicago area, best F price up there, so very, very competitive. Companion's got a great cash bonus here for this selling season that you can be in the money by selling as little as five apps with those guys. You gotta check that out, the details will be on the screen.

And number three for us is Manhattan Life. Manhattan is a B+ carrier out of Houston and really, really like these folks. We had a long relationship with with the people down there. Excellent service - when we have troubles we can get it fixed right away. They have a 7% household discount which a lot of folks can take advantage of. What else - the easiest app that we have in our bag. Very, very simple to use electronic app and their rates are are very competitive as well so make sure you know what's going on with Manhattan Life, and be ready to go with those folks.

Number four — I'm gonna just highlight really quickly is CSI — and they're getting ready for a whole new phase that should be happening any day now. In fact, it's going to be a big deal for us here in Illinois, and when it hits we're going to do a special edition just on CSI Life. You won't want to miss it. It's gonna be really exciting, so be looking for that very quickly.

The next one for us is Aetna / ACI. They have been the workhorse in this state for last three years. They still pay full comp on over 80. Their rates are still very competitive, it's a great brand, so if you don't have that now, or you're not sure what you have, need help or questions now on contracting, give us a shout with them.

And then last but not least is Mutual of Omaha. Everybody knows those folks. I really feel like they've gone through a rejuvenation period here, and have come out super strong in Illinois this last summer. They've got the best G in the state the best G rate. They've got a cash incentive going right now, of course they got the heavy brand-name "Mutual of Omaha", and we're doing a lot of contracting with them right now, and really seeing our business start to take off with those folks again.

So that kind of rounds it out, that was a real quick summary of those top five carriers. If you have questions, if you need help on contracting, or supplies make sure you give us a shout and that you've got that gun ready to go and you're taking full advantage of this great fall selling season it's just getting ready to hit guys.

Alright, I hope that helps! Have a beautiful day, and good selling.


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