Recognizing Memorial Day

Recognizing Memorial Day

As we celebrate another Memorial Day weekend, it is a first for me after recently losing my father.

I am sensitive to any of the grief people will be feeling this year as I am flooded at times with the overwhelming feeling of the permanence of loss. My real focus for this holiday has always been the loss of the military people that have served our nation. I realize we have Veterans Day, but I will think of the loss of my father everyday for as long as I live.

I want to continue honoring our fellow Americans who have passed on this holiday as I just don't do that everyday, and I appreciate the sacrifices these soldiers and families give to our nation.

It might be my experiences and age that have made me more sensitive to Memorial Day. I think of the laying of the wreaths for the unknown soldiers that takes place in Washington D.C. We all have a date with death, and that will never change. However, the way that we live and the choices our military men and women make to put their lives on the line for the freedom and beliefs of America as a nation is a good reason for me to celebrate and honor them as often as I possibly can.

Hacksaw Ridge

Stop and think of all the sacrifices that men and women have made and have done so willingly that brings bravery to a level that most of us cannot imagine.

Most recently, I saw the true story of Hacksaw Ridge. I cannot imagine the kind of dedication it takes to serve and honor your fellow man as it was portrayed in this movie by soldier Desmond Doss. He was credited with saving at least 75 lives in one of the most brutal battles of WWII.

All men and women that have worn the uniform going back to the founding of our nation are who I want to honor this Memorial Day. The giving of their lives for the belief of our nation is worthy of celebration.

I hope you take a moment to honor your close friends and family members but also to give a toast to our patriots who have paid the price for the nation we are so lucky to live in.

God Bless America!

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