Oxford Life Med Supp Delivers

A few weeks ago we introduced Oxford Life, a new Med Supp carrier, to our agents in Illinois & Indiana, as well as other states. We believed going in, that this was a contract with 2 very distinct niches.

  1. Oxford pays full comp on GI business in most states.
  2. They appeared that they would accept some UW risks that we were finding difficult to place.

After a few weeks of submitting business, we are very pleased with our initial results. They are doing an excellent job of issuing both the GI business and the tough to place cases, as well as great rates and service.

I know everyone is extremely busy working their way through this AEP / MedSupp / PDP season, but if you haven’t contracted with Oxford yet, give us a call and we will get you hooked up. This is a great carrier to have in your kit.

Good Selling,
John Hockaday

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