Oxford Life Med Supp Commission Adjustment for GI Business

Oxford Life News Bulletin, March 25, 2016

Oxford Life Insurance Company's goal when offering Medicare Supplement plans is to remain competitive, yet maintain rate stability by offering reasonable initial pricing, modest rate increases and a fair compensation plan for our producers. Medicare Supplement plans, like other health insurance products, are affected by inflation and rising health care costs and in order to extend the life of our current rates we, like most other companies in the Medicare Supplement marketplace, must adjust the commission rates on Guaranteed Issue offerings. *OPEN ENROLLMENT COMMISSION RATES WILL NOT CHANGE. This change will only affect guaranteed issue Medicare Supplement policies. Guaranteed Issue policies are non-underwritten policies issued for reasons other than open enrollment. Effective 4/1/2016, Oxford Life will pay a one-time administrative fee of $25.00 on Guaranteed Issue Policies to the writing producer.

Manhattan Life

Please log into your agent portal to download the most current version of your producer commission schedule.

The situations below MAY qualify as a Guaranteed Issue Policy and would be affected by this change.

  1. You're in a Medicare Advantage Plan, and your plan is leaving Medicare or stops giving care in your area or you move out of the plan's service area.
  2. You have original Medicare and an employer group health plan that pays after Medicare pays and that plan is ending
  3. You have original Medicare and a Medicare Select policy. You move out of the Medicare Select policy's service area
  4. You join a Medicare Advantage plan or PACE program when you were first eligible for Medicare Part A at 65, and within the first year of joining you decide you want to switch to Original Medicare (Trial Right)
  5. You dropped a Medicare Supplement policy to join a Medicare Advantage plan for the first time, you have been in the plan less than a year, and you want to switch back (Trial Right)
  6. Your Medicare Supplement company goes bankrupt and you lose coverage or your Medicare Supplement policy coverage ends through no fault of your own
  7. You leave a Medicare Advantage plan or drop a Medicare Supplement policy because the company hasn't followed the rules or they have misled you
  8. Policies issued under guaranteed issue "Birthday Rules" allowed in some states

*Guaranteed Issue commission adjustment does not apply in CO, IN, OR, and SC. GI Commissions will be reduced by 25% in Tennessee.

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