MLIC marketing allowance of $100 per app extended

AIMC Extends the Manhattan Life Agent Marketing Allowance Program!

We are going to rock your world with Manhattan Life! Get ready for your biggest Med Supp AEP season ever. As a way to help you secure more leads during the AEP selling season, we are implementing the easiest and most rewarding marketing allowance in our history.

Here’s the way it works:

  • Any agent that issues 3 or more Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement plans during the months of September thru December, 2015 through December 31, 2016 (EXTENDED!), will receive a marketing allowance payment from AIMC, LLC in the amount of $100 for each underwritten case and $25 for each non-underwritten case.*
    • Example:
      • Agent issues 11 underwritten cases and 4 non-underwritten cases in September.
      • Agent receives $1,100 for the 11 underwritten cases and $100 for the 4 non-underwritten cases. $100 x 11 = $1,100. $25 x 4 = $100.
      • There is NO limit to the amount an agent can receive for the marketing allowance payment.
  • Qualifying trigger: 3 issued Medicare Supplement cases of any type plan.
    • Agent must issue a minimum of 3 cases during the month to participate in the marketing allowance program.
  • The marketing allowance for all LOAs will be paid to the LOA’s immediate upline. No direct payments to LOAs. Upline can choose to use the marketing allowance at their discretion.

*See document below for complete details.

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