Medico News

Fixed Index Annuities

0% Rate Adjustment

Medico Insurance Company will implement a 0% rate adjustment for modernized Medicare supplement plans in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska.


Colorado Med Supps

Medico Corp Life Insurance Company's competitive Medicare supplement plans are effective as of October 1, 2014. Medico Insurance Company's Medicare supplement plans will no longer be available for new policies starting October 15, 2014. Agents need to contract with Medico Corp to continue selling Medicare supplement plans.


Dental, Vision & Hearing Administration Changes

Medico Insurance Company brought administration for our Dental, Vision & Hearing policies back in house October 1, 2014 for business sold on or after that date. The current block will move back early in 2015. Download NEW application on the Medico Information Center website.


Agent Information Packet

Learn everything about Medico Insurance Company and Medico Corp in one downloadable file. View product availability chart, product details and much more! The packet is for agent use only and is subject to change.


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