Medico: Important Notification Regarding Illinois Household Discount

Medico News Bulletin, May 25, 2016

The Illinois Department of Insurance informed us to modify the definition of Household Discount for Medico® Insurance Company Medicare supplement applications. The modification is effective June 1, 2016 for new issues.

A 7% Household Discount: When you live in the same household with another person both members of the household must obtain a Medicare supplement policy with the same company or one must currently have a Medicare supplement policy with the same insurance company for the discount to be applied to the applicant. The Household Discount will continue as long as coverage for both policies remain in force.

Click here to download the new application

Old applications will no longer be accepted after 5-31-2016

New applications and brochures will be available June 1 on our Agent Website You can also order by contacting Agent Sales Support at1-800-547-2401 option 3.

The change will also take effect June 1 on MyEnrollerSM. We encourage all our agents to use our electronic application to ensure you have the most updated version of our application.

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