How to Sell Life Insurance: Part 2

You’re set to deliver your client their Med Supp policy... NOW WHAT?

Life Insurance

After you go over their policy, ask…

"Would you like for me to review your life insurance policy?"

At that point they will either tell you:

  • “I don’t have any life insurance.”
    That will allow you to introduce a Final Expense Plan (use our quote engine to have a prepared quote). Or you can use the very simple rate sheets provided by all our Final Expense carriers.
  • “I have 3 life policies but I’m not exactly sure how much?"
    At that time you can ask them for their LATEST STATEMENTS that will have the pertinent information such as Death Benefit, Cash Value and Premium they are paying. Call me with the information - you might be able to INCREASE their Death Benefit and/or REDUCE their Premium.
  • “I didn’t know you sold life insurance.”
    You can introduce your life products when you identify “their need”. (Final Expense, Term Life, Life with LTC rider, etc…)

We want to earn your life business. Don’t walk by life cases with existing clients!

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