Honoring Our Fallen This Memorial Day: A Personal Note From New Horizons

Honoring Our Fallen This Memorial Day

Our nation has recognized and paid honor to fallen soldiers since the civil war.  In that war, more than 600,000 individuals gave their lives to our nation. We pay tribute on Monday – always during the last week of May. We honor people who died while serving as well as our loved ones who have passed, but we also honor those who gave military service to the United States of America.

I personally have not had an immediate family member die in service for our country, but I would like the families to know that I personally appreciate the sacrifices of these soldiers and their families.  

Words cannot express the feelings I have when I see Arlington or when I go to a funeral and learn that the person served our country yet never even mentioned it to me. The saying “freedom is not free” is so true, but the brave, unselfish service of so many great women and men who give their time, sweat, and blood is given freely.  

I cannot say anything that has not been said before, but I can ask you to help me honor our nation of heroes that gave and sacrificed for our country.  

God bless those we remember and the families that lost their loved ones for the good of our country.

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