Harvest Time


I have been in the insurance business since 1981. Our market for seniors has evolved in several ways, but one of the most dramatic changes is how many sales happen between the months of October and December. Last year we sold more policies in the fourth quarter than we did in the other 3 quarters combined.

We all understand the Federal government is the root of this explosion in sales. Regardless, the fact is we are in the "Harvest Season" and prescription drug coverage and Medicare Advantage are the reasons for the season.

My hope is that all agents will take advantage of the season, not only taking care of PDP coverage, but maybe updating Medicare Supplements, and even adding on a Final Expense, Cancer, or Dental, Vision, and Hearing plan. Pick any ancillary policy you want, help your client, and make this a record-setting year.

Final Expense is being sold now more than ever. Please check out the rates of the companies we represent and the commissions you can earn. The market has never been better and many seniors are seeking out this type of coverage, so don't let them buy it from their local credit union when they can get that coverage from you.

I challenge you to go the extra mile and cross sell!

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