Happy New Year 2014

As we enter into a new year I hope health and happiness is abundant for you and your family. I always like a fresh start and making goals for the new year. I am quite sure by looking in the mirror, my plans from previous years of losing weight have not been as successful as planned. However, I always have made goals and plans for our business.

Early in my sales career I would set a goal for the number of new clients I would obtain in the upcoming year. I would break it down in Medicare Supplements, Long Term Care, and Life Insurance.

Going back to my athletic days, we always set goals for wins and losses. I would set personal goals of trying to make all-conference, all-state and MVP of tournaments. The same should apply to your personal insurance sales. By making yourself responsible and wanting to compete in the sales arena, it's fun to see how you stack up with other folks selling the same types of insurance. I know trips were a big motivator for me. I always strived to make that marketing trip and be around the top producers.

For some of you this might not be your cup of tea, but I think planning is really good for us in commissioned sales. Not everyone likes competition, but you're really competing against yourself. Your goal should always be to be a little better than you were the year before.

I hope that you achieve all of your goals, and that you never forget that we at New Horizons Insurance Marketing appreciate your business and value your relationships.

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