Client Needs Assessments: Part 4

In this 5-part series we're offering a few questions you can use to identify which type of policy makes the most sense to focus on first, instead of only trying to sell a Medicare Supplement.

Here's a set of questions to ask.

What would happen to your family in the event of premature death?
Would your family be able to stay in your home?
Would your children be able to go to college?

The questions are endless for families who have debt and would likely be overwhelmed by the financial challenges should either parent die prematurely.

The answer is pretty simple in most cases. Term Life Insurance. Families needing a significant amount coverage within a modest budget can usually find a term life plan to give them the peace of mind that their loved ones will be taken care of should an income provider die.

What your clients should consider when addressing the face amount:

  • Mortgage funding
    (1 out of 2 families have 22 or more years remaining on their mortgage; Average debt is nearly $250,000)
  • Education funding
    (average cost of raising a child to 18 years old is $245,000 + $92,000 for a public college education)
  • Income replacement
    (a person should consider at least 5 years of income replacement; the average is 3.6 years)
  • Numerous other factors
    (including funeral costs, credit card debts, child care, daily living expenses, etc.)

We represent several term life insurance carriers. We utilize a term quote engine to find the best premium for your client’s situation.

Please don’t overlook the opportunity to help younger clients with a very important solution to a potentially devastating situation.

Offer Term Life Insurance

Contact us to get started. We take care of all the legwork (order exams, medical records, etc.) You write the application and we’ll do the rest.

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