Client Needs Assessments: Part 3

In this 5-part series we're offering a few questions you can use to identify which type of policy makes the most sense to focus on first, rather than just trying to get clients to buy a Medicare Supplement.

Here's another question to uncover your prospect's needs.

Are you satisfied with the present rate of return on your investments?

Clients who have money in savings accounts and CD’s are receiving very little interest on their money. Many are looking for ways to SAFELY invest the money into something with a better interest rate.

Introduce them to Tax Deferred Fixed Annuities. We have several fixed annuities (all current rates are on our website). One of the most common is a 5 year fixed annuity with a rate of 3%.

If they have had the money sitting in the savings account (or a CD) and don’t really need it… meaning they are passing it on to their children, introduce a Single Premium Life Insurance policy. Also, potential of a survivorship policy (example below).

Example Case: Single Premium Whole Life

  • Client: 70 year old male and female
  • Savings/CD: $100,000
  • Survivorship Life Policy: $385,567

Instead of passing on $100,000 to their children, a single premium survivorship policy would enable them to pass on over $385,000 income tax free to their children.

Most families are not aware of such a valuable investment vehicle to leverage the money income tax free to their family.

Introduce valuable and safe alternates to your clients!

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