Bonuses up to $6500 with CSI Life

We recently launched the brand-new CSI Life Medicare Supplement. This new release is so exciting, as it offers rock-solid stability being a Berkshire Hathaway company, and it has to be the best product on the street for both the consumer and the WRITING AGENT. Check this out:

Up to $7000 bonus!

Full Commission Over Age 80

You get full commission on business written for applicants over 80 years old. This is nice because I've seen agents write a wife with Company X because she's 78, and write the husband with Company Y since he happens to be over 80 years of age.

We have always said that it takes just as much effort for the writing agent to write an 82 year old as it does a 68 year old — so why do the carriers cut his pay? I know all the excuses, but commissions should not be taken from the agent who is bringing in the business.

$4500 Bonus!

You have the ability to earn a $4500 bonus once you hit the 50th contract, and from that point on you'll be earning around 24% commission on all your business! That is a GREAT DEAL! As long as you have 50 cases on the books with CSI Life you will be paid better than anyone in the business.

Additional Bonus up to $2000!

With the current contest in place offered by AIMC, you can also receive an additional $1000 for writing 20 apps, $1500 for 30 apps, and $2000 for 40 apps. That makes your 50 case around $6500 total — and that my friend is one heck of a bonus!

Great Underwriting

The underwriting is the same as we have always had with the sister company Central States Indemnity (CSI) and we have 100% confidence in their ability to issue your business. One of our agents in Indiana, Brent Chanley has written over 400 cases with CSI and he will tell you that their underwriting is second to no one.

Get busy and take advantage of this rich offer, and lets see who the first agent is to hit 50 cases, and how many people can earn that golden $6500 bonus before Christmas.

Plan your work and work your plan!

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